My workshop studio will be looking at biomimicry concepts this summer, ultimately with the goal of applying principles derived from nature to a project to be built in Indianapolis.  Here’s one of the posters I had to put together for discussion today.

Biomimetic Structure and Detail Poster 1

Biomimetic Structure and Detail Poster 1


In architecture…

In architecture considered as a material practice, materialization as a concept is transformed from its traditional meaning as the translation of an a priori design representation to its material condition; it is now transformed to become one of the sources of the inception of designs. The rediscovery that we can design in material has been a source of the reformulation of a digital praxis in the last decade. What traditionally was the material terminus of the design process has become a new beginning.

–Rivka and Robert Oxman in Theories of the Digital in Architecture

Landscape Design

Well, I think I finally got this thing to a point where I’m happy with it and glad to publish it!  It really is amazing what a little greenery will do.  Next up… a building section and a portfolio spread with these new elements…